5 Reasons Why IGTV Adding Landscape Video Is Great!

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Instagram TV has now added landscape (horizontal) video. This is a huge development because in its previous 11 months only vertical video uploads were permitted. No anymore and this is a gamechanger and a great thing!


Here are my 5 reasons why IGTV adding landscape video is great!

Less restrictions = more inclusivity

Including horizontal videographers is great for the platform.

More creativity

Having horizontal videographers’ ideas will recharge IGTV because now you are adding new perspectives from a different angle (literally!).

More IGTV video uploads

More uploads = more activity and every platform wants more activity from Instagram TV to YouTube to Facebook. Adding horizontal videos give IGTV this.


Increase IGTV Promotion Onto Other Platforms

Upon initial IGTV video upload, you can share to Facebook and Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter accept landscape (horizontal) videos. IGTV accepting horizontal videos would increase promotion onto these other platforms.

More IGTV shares on the Instagram Feed

Some Instagrammers are wary of vertical video preferring horizontal video. IGTV’s new update would increase Instagram feed shares.

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