5 Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn Native Video

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Native video is all the rage. What is native video? Native video is video that originates or is uploaded directly into the app. LinkedIn is no different allowing users to shoot video within its mobile app. Here are my 5 reasons to use LinkedIn native mobile video.


LinkedIn Prioritizes It

LinkedIn prioritizes native mobile video over any YouTube or Vimeo upload. The platform shares your native video out to everyone. You’ll get more mileage out shooting your video within LinkedIn.

Enhance Your Current Community Engagement

Your followers follow you for a reason. Shooting a mobile native video gives them a personal touch. You are actually taking the time to craft a platform-specific message to them. You aren’t the only person your followers follow; however, with mobile native video, they will remember you.

 Other People With Similar Profiles May Be Interested

As I mentioned in #1, LinkedIn prioritizes it. When it sends your video out there, other people with similar profiles will see it too. Some may be interested in following and/or working with you.


It Builds Your Authority

LinkedIn is the business social media. People come here to do business. Sharing your knowledge via native mobile video will build your authority. Those new people will like or share your video. Whenever, some likes or shares your video, everyone he follows also sees it. That is the power of LinkedIn native mobile video! When you broadcast regularly in the mobile app, more people will see you and view you as an expert.

An example of this is this. My video inquiring about AWS SysOps Administrator has received hundreds of video views with comments from people who initially didn’t follow me. Before that, I never have spoken about AWS but my very first LinkedIn native mobile video on that topic still received hundreds of views.

It Increases The Number of Connections and Followers

I can say that two years ago in 2017 when LinkedIn allowed users to upload their videos directly to the platform that my following doubled. I expect LinkedIn native mobile video to do the same. Use this feature to connect with people in your industry as well as leverage your authority to attract the right followers.

These 5 reasons to use LinkedIn native video improve your LinkedIn profile, strategy and results. Connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

Read the original LinkedIn article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-reasons-use-linkedin-native-video-carla-jenkins-mba-pmp/

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