5 Reasons You Should Do Social Media Shopping

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How much time do you spend on social media everyone? More than you’d care to admit. Don’t feel bad. You’re in a way modeling the same behavior as your potential buyer. This social media habit brings me to this week’s edition: social media shopping.

What is social media shopping?

According digital marketing agency, BigDrop, social media shopping (aka social commerce) is when companies selling products directly in social media platforms. This is a very huge phenomenon as billions of people are using social media apps every single day.

The Drum reports that social media shopping is set to pull in $600 billion in the next 6 years. I know you want a piece of the action. But you are unsure about if you should do social media shopping. Well below are my 3 reasons why social media shopping is important.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Shopping Important

The average consumer checks out your social media first before they go to your website.

Also if you are to google yourself your social media profiles come up on page one. Your potential customers are doing the same thing. All the more reason to engage in social media shopping.

More People Spend Time On Your Social Media Than Your Website

Even MSNBC, ABC and HBO have social media profiles and they run TV networks. You want to know why? Because they know that their viewers are on social media more than going straight to their websites.

In-App Purchases Provide Convenience To Current Followers

You have to make the purchase easy for your customer. If they’re on Facebook, why should they leave Facebook to go to your site to make a purchase? That’s a surefire way to lose a sale. Having a Facebook shop or an Instagram shop gives your followers the convenience of staying in the app and buying your items.

You Cannot Survive On Just Your Website Alone (Aka Even Amazon Has A Facebook Page)

Amazon, the number 1 online shopping platform, has a Facebook page with a shop Now button (You can go and check it right here!). So if Amazon has a Facebook shop, shouldn’t your business?

It’s Free To Operate

Instagram shopping and Facebook shopping are free (You will need to claim a website.). You don’t have to pay to operate it just like your other social media pages. With your website, even if you’re using free store plug-ins like WooCommerce, you are still paying hosting, domain registration and other fees to maintain your site. This freedom is all the more reason why you should consider social media shopping!

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