5 Things I Learned During 5 Years Of Entrepreneurship

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On March 30, 2016, I officially became incorporated in Washington, DC. It has been a wild ride for these past 5 years. Here are the 5 things I learned during these 5 years of entrepreneurship.

It’s Harder Than Expected

I think that you see all of the celebrities with money and automatically think that this would be easy.


It’s anything but. I am amazed at how at 5 years old, I have lasted longer than some of your favorite podcasts, TV shows and blogs. It is NOT easy to keep being around for 5 years. There have been times when www.carlarjenkins.com went down over not being able to afford the hosting fee. Yet, this site is still up 5 years later.

Entrepreneurship is hard and requires a daily commitment.

Saved More Money

I would have liked to save more money but given my current situation at the time, that was not the case. I would tell you to save at least 2 years of money because there will be things that you will have to pay for (business license, banking accounts, licensing fees, etc.) that you don’t have to pay for when you are an employee.

Helped Me Better Promote Myself

You always have to get out there and brand yourself. This is tough for me because I am an introvert. I don’t really like speaking unless I know you.

However, entrepreneurship means getting in front of people every single day. This is how I can broadcast my Projectized project management livestream show every single workday. The same with blogging, vlogging and all of my other social media.

I have gotten all of my PMP and ITIL certification training jobs through LinkedIn video marketing. Every single company has said that they’ve watched my videos and decided to hire me. Kindly connect with me on LinkedIn here.

You have to keep putting yourself out there in order for new people to find you and your current people to stay interested.


It’s Made Me Tougher

I simply refuse to take no for any answer. That has helped me throughout these 5 years. Storytime.

Starting An eBay Store To Sell $7500 In 18 Months

I was fired from my job and though I did receive unemployment, I did not get another contracting job for 16 months. I had to sell everything in my apartment to come up with the $7500 to stay off of the street. (You can read all about it on my Blogger blog.) It was crazy because if I didn’t think an entrepreneur, I would had been out of there.

You can also shop my current online store here and not even leave this website.

Writing My Second DOES Training Proposal

I document here on the blogging, the importance of workforce development and upskilling as a knowledge worker. While living in DC, I went to the DC Office of Employment Services to get training to upskill myself. I received the ITIL 3 Foundation training.

Knowing that there was money left over, I decided to write a proposal for cybersecurity training after attending a career fair. It was 2am and I wrote down this proposal to my training specialist who submitted it to the department. It was approval.

When I returned to Intellectual Point, the lady said that she was amazed that I was here because most DOES customers only received one training grant. Entrepreneurship gave me that steely resolve to not take no for an answer.

Better Able to Spot New Trends and Opportunities

You have to be able to recognize patterns in order to stay relevant.

Receiving My ITIL4 Foundation Certification

I received my ITIL4 Foundation certification on March 31, 2019. AXELOS, the certification creator, released it February 28, 2019. Only Jason Dion Training was around. I bought the online AXELOS book to study.

The vendor also changed from EXIN to Peoplecert. Peoplecert made all of the tests online. You could not go to a physical testing center like I did 2 years ago for the ITIL 3 Foundation. Remind you this was one whole year before COVID.

For online test, I scheduled a dry run with Peoplecert to make sure that my system was compatible (People on Reddit was saying that their Macs were shutting down over the firewall. Luckily, I had a PC but I still wasn’t taking any chances.).

I remembered how nervous I was taking that online exam. Even though it was 60 minutes, I had to pee in the middle of the exam. The proctor let me go. I passed going from 0 to hero in 11 days. All due to entrepreneurship.

Sitting For My SC-900 Beta Exam

I used this ITIL4 skillset towards sitting for my SC-900 beta exam. Upon learning that Microsoft rolled out the Microsoft Security Fundamentals, I was interested in expanding my cybersecurity skills. Furthermore, these new security certifications were geared towards security operations centers workers. Washington, DC had a lot of those.

I started my studies March 15th using Microsoft Learn, John Savill exam cram and Whizlabs practice exam. I used my October 2020 Microsoft Ignite exam voucher to sit for the SC-900 Wednesday night (I wrote all about my SC-900 experience here.)

Becoming Multi-Cloud Before The Masses

In May 2019, I went to Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County for get Amazon Web Services cloud computing training. Now it took me 3 months to get the funding but even then I stressed becoming multi-cloud (learning more than one cloud provider.). Throughout my 2-year experience, I became Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud certifications.

Now in 2021, every company is talking about multi-cloud; but, I started seeing that trend 2 years ago. Now due to entrepreneurship, I am better equipped to be a better knowledge worker and certification trainer.

And I am just getting started. If your company needs help in IT, cloud and project management get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

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