5 Things You Must Do Right Now to Sell on eBay During the Holidays

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The holidays are in full swing and people are looking for Christmas gifts for themselves and others. As an business owner, this is a great time to get in front of new customers and retain old ones. If your sales are slow or nonexistent, here are my 5 things you must do right now to increase conversions because you can do it!


Actively promote

Have you stopped promoting your online store after Cyber Monday because someone told you that it was make or break and the biggest sales weekend of the year? Don’t do that. Yes, Black Friday through Cyber Monday was a record-breaking time but there are still a whole of people out there actively shopping for gifts. That means that you must actively promote your store and products. Don’t be dissuaded by what the ‘experts’ are saying.

Have great photos

Your photos are the first thing people see. They are a representation of your brans. Pixelated photos (photos which are blurry because the dimensions are stretched), tells that buyer that you skimp on quality. Make sure that your photos are crisp and clean and up to par.

Price Fairly

Just because you’re getting a lot of holiday traffic doesn’t mean that you price gauge. In my store, if an item is pre-owned (worn before), I price it 50% what I paid for it. That’s fair pricing.

Have detailed descriptions

Cool and fun aren’t good enough to convince customers to buy your product. Give product details about the quality of the merchandise, the compliments you’ve received and all other positive experiences. People want to know how buying your item would improve their lives.

Bonus tip: Tell people if there are stains, tears or marks on your item. It is important to be honest. Your customer should know about any of these things especially since they don’t receive the item until they buy it.


Livestreaming is the present not the future. This is the single biggest promotional tool that you can use to give buyers the customer experience to accelerate the know, like and trust factor. Remember, the first time they touch the item is after they pay for it. Livestream is a very big separator between you and your competitors. View livestreaming as a way to promote your store 24/7. When you are sleeping that livestream video is working on behalf of you!

Speaking of livestream, here is my latest eBay livestream showcasing my current tall women’s inventory. Shop it here: www.ebay.com/usr/carljenkin_6


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