5 Ways to Promote Your Store for the Holidays

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In a previous article I have listed the 5 ways to prepare your store for the holidays. Now that you have prepped your store, now it’s time to start promoting it. Here are my 5 ways to promote your store for the holidays.

Have a sales target

Remember this is a business. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You have to know what you expect to make. Having a sales target accomplishes this.

Look at current trends and events to draw promotional inspiration.

Current trends and events are the fodder for so many campaigns. It is called user-generated campaigns. You as a seller are taking customer feedback, creating products around that feedback then selling in the marketplace. User-generated campaigns are the new supply and demand models. Your entire inventory and holiday sales campaigns should derive from what your customer is currently discussing and wants this season.

Create a holiday-specific marketing campaign

Don’t be lazy by creating generic holiday marketing campaign! You cannot recycle holidays even when they are in the same season. Even though Memorial Day and Labor Day are both in the summertime, they are at different points in the season. What works for Memorial Day (the start of summer) does not work for Labor Day (the end of summer); and, vice versa.

Create a medium-specific marketing campaign

I am delving deeper into this because oftentimes owners will create a holiday specific marketing campaign but spreads it all across different social media channels. That’s NOT going to work because each platform is different. The way you talk on Facebook is NOT the way you talk on Instagram; and, Facebook owns Instagram! The graphic dimensions differ across platforms too. The last thing you want to present to a potential buyer is a pixelated (stretched) image because you are too lazy to create two separate graphics.

Another thing to consider is creating medium-specific videos and livestreams because each platform has different time limits. Twitter is 45 seconds. Instagram is 1 minute. The platforms also favor videos uploaded directly to their platforms versus embedding from YouTube. In addition, I strongly recommend that you livestream on each specific platform because you will enhance your customer’s experience.  Here are the livestreaming platforms below:

  • Twitter: Twitter Live and Periscope (with #golive hashtag you can livestream in both apps)
  • Facebook: Facebook Live
  • Instagram: Instagram Live
  • YouTube: YouTube Live

Creating medium-specific marketing campaigns increase sales conversions because they trust you and you are speaking their language. When buyers trust you, they buy from you.

Create a format-specific holiday content

Owners often overlook this tip because they’re only comfortable doing one format. For instance, if you like writing then you’ll only blog about your holiday sale. If you like shooting videos, then you’ll stick with vlogging and livestreaming. You get the point; however, during a holiday sales, there are many more customers who receive their information in different formats. As a seller, you must be flexible by providing your holiday marketing campaign in different formats. Let me use the blogging and vlogging as examples. Don’t just stop at blogging. Record your blog and it becomes a podcast audio. You can also promote your blog’s image on Instagram and Pinterest. See, that’s written (blog), audio (podcast) and image (Pinterest and Instagram). That’s three different formats!

Now I will use vlogging (video blogging). You can take your vlog and cut it up into timed segment and rerun them across all of the social media platforms. Curated video playlists are big right now. Segmenting your one large vlog into smaller videos, helps build rapport with your customer. Remember, on average your customer needs to see the same product or service seven times in order to buy. Don’t just stop with chopping up videos. You can also strip the audio from the video can create a podcast. Furthermore, you can freeze a video still and make it a thumbnail image for Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, you can transcribe your video into a blog. See once again, I have created vlog (video), audio, image and written. That’s four different formats! Create content for customers not just what you are comfortable with!

These five holiday promotional tips will help you enhance your customer’s experience and increase your sales.

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