5 Ways to Fight Zoom Fatigue

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As we are winding down our first month of the final quarter, working from home can be draining. We have been doing this thing since March. At first the convenience of working from home seems nice. However, like all things, life has gotten in the way and Zoom going from convenience to annoyance. Here are my 5 ways to fight Zoom fatigue everyone!

Make Only Major Announcements on Zoom

Zoom SHOULD NOT be used for every single meeting. Use Zoom as the intercom only for major announcements that the entire company needs to know.

Use The Phone Option If You Have To Be On Zoom

Did you know that Zoom has a phone option everyone? You do not have to stare into oblivion anymore. You can simply dial into the conference line and listen to the meeting. That reduces screen time.

Use Teleconferencing, Email and SharePoint As Viable Alternatives

There are other very viable alternatives to Zoom. Use teleconferencing, email, instant messaging and SharePoint to meet with others. Use them for your meetings.


Build in Breaks

People are not machines. Remember that people are only good for the first hour. If your meeting or seminar is more than an hour, build in break to allow your participants to refresh themselves and get their eyes off of the screen.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Just like meetings should focus on one topic so should your Zoom. People’s attention spans are short so discussing 2 and 3 things in one Zoom meeting would have them forgetting a whole of it. That’s counterproductive everyone.

Bonus – Do a hybrid model

Who says that Zoom is the only way of meeting? Just like many school districts have instituted a hybrid learning model of Zoom and in-person activities, do the same with your meeting. Incorporate Zoom into certain areas and email, instant messaging and teleconferencing in others. That way you will get people away from their screens and focused on your message.

Here are my 5+ BONUS tips for avoiding Zoom fatigue. If you need even more help in managing virtual team building, check out (Virtual) teamwork makes the dream work here. www.carlarjenkins.com/virtualteamwork

Reference – Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/2020/04/how-to-combat-zoom-fatigue

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