5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind

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Remember that old adage preparation + opportunity = luck? Well, this proved to be true. I am coming fresh my first weekend of PMP training. The thing is that last week Monday, I did not have this training. However, I managed to get it. Why? Because I stayed top of mind. Here are 5 ways that you can do the same.


5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind

Show up daily

Consistency is key. Whether or not I teaching by myself of through a partnership, I show up everyday. I show up via my email, blog and social media. People work with people they know, like and trust. Consistency accelerates that process.

Fortune in the Follow-Up

Once is not enough. People get flooded with information and requests all day long. That is why follow-up is important. I follow up once a week, twice at the most. Spacing these follow ups allow people to research, find the answer and get back to you.




Deliver value

Value is indispensable character trait of mine. Ever since I started www.carlarjenkins.com in 2015, I promised myself not to write any fluff pieces. That mantra served me well with all of the opportunities that I am receiving. Delivering value in my area of expertise makes you stand out from others.

Show genuine interest

People are smart. Don’t try to game them. I truly love communicating with my audience because I value their time. By doing this, I have organically amassed lots of engagement and opportunities.

Continuous Improvement

You cannot stay stagnant professionally and think that people will continue to seek you other. Remember, what has gotten you here will not get you there.

I constantly read up on my project management and service management professions. The ITIL 4 Foundation came out in February 2019. I passed mine March 31, 2019.  Even though the ITIL 4 will not completely take over until this June 2020, I was ready over 15 months earlier. Why? Because it is all about becoming better and staying relevant.

Well, that is all that I have for today!

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