I Have 500 Instagram Followers!

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Phenomena is happy to announce that its CEO Carla R Jenkins’ Instagram account has achieved 500 followers. This is a big milestone especially since Jenkins has switched from a personal to a business account late this summer.




Jenkins’ growth has derived from these four things: eBay Adventure stories, Instagram ads from other sites (She.Wins and the Branding Bar), Instagram promoted posts and LinkedIn ProFinder videos.

eBay Adventure stories have the highest level of activity. These posts received the most likes and engagements. This past week Jenkins received her first 100+ like post. The eBay merchandise also received lots of engagement. The Phenomena brand has been featured on She.Wins and the Branding Bar Small Business Saturday Instagram promotions generating lots of followers. Furthermore, Jenkins has run her own native ads through Instagram’s promoted post feature. The company executed the promoted post strategy with the LinkedIn Profinder and eBay ads. The Profinder video generated the most clicks and leads. The last Profinder promoted post was for 11 cents per click which was very good performance. Finally, my LinkedIn Profinder videos generated the second most traffic on my Instagram account. All videos were under Instagram’s 1-minute threshold. I converted these Instagram videos onto YouTube videos enabling me to be on YouTube’s front page search for the LinkedIn Profinder keyword.

Phenomena still has two main 2016 goals: get the Carlarjenkins account to 750 followers, post more photos and better curation of branded content. The company will use the same strategies that we have used to get to 500. Since there Carlarjenkins.com/shop has opened, there is a one-stop shop for all of my followers to buy Phenomena’s products and services. This is a great strategy with Christmas right around the corner. In addition, having a fully functional store would be a great long-term strategy because Phenomena can control its product and services distribution. The branded content will be the different because most of the photos and sayings do not carry the Carla R Jenkins’ brand colors. This will change in December.

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