How My 6-Minute Average Site Duration Can Help Your Brand

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Nearly everyone is saying that he is a social media manager or strategist. It can be confusing to any and all brands and businesses who want to work with social media influencers and experts. Don’t be because has a 6-minute plus average site duration metric with a loyal, sophisticated and well-read audience.

I have mentioned average site duration because this is an essential metric that brands and businesses pay attention. Below are some definitions along with my site’s performance:

  • Average site duration is the average time a person stays on your site.
  • The typical average site duration is over 30 seconds. Any site getting over 2 minutes is exemplary.
  • average site duration is 6 minutes 23 seconds! That’s over three times the average.


Why is this average site duration metric important?

Because it shows how sticky your site is. Sticky means how long someone stays on your site. The longer a reader stays on your site, the more interested he is in your content. That reader is more likely to return to your site and even make a purchase. having a 6:23 average site duration means that the average reader spends three times more time on my site! That can also convert into three times as many sales.

My primary areas are:

  • Business – Operating three blogs and online stores
  • Project management – my PM.Expert blog and Project Management Monday podcast
  • Change management –, positive change blog
  • Personal branding – Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand,
  • Social media – Klout Score of 66, top 10% of all social media users
  • Content Marketing – Medium top 10% blogger and Medium Member
  • Economics and statistics – BA in International Economics

How Can This 6 Minutes 23 Seconds Average Site Duration Help Your Brand and Business?

Three times the industry average means three times as many eyeballs! My audience seeing your business, branding and project management products and services means more conversions because it would have spent 6 minutes and 23 seconds watching your videos, read your sponsored ads and clicking your ad. These activities result in purchases which is what brands and businesses want.

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