7 FREE Ways to Earn PDUs

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Money is tight but your (project management) future can still be bright!

Here are 7 FREE ways to earn PDUs.



It is hard out here! Money is tight but these project managers job descriptions are still mandating PMP certifications. What are you supposed to do?

Well, I have 7 free ways to earn professional development units (PDUs) to help you along the way. This all comes from the PMI PDU Dashboard.

Tip – for all 7 ways remember to write a summary paragraph detailing which activity you’ve one plus the corresponding link as proof that you’ve done it. Proper documentation is the trait of an astute project manager.

Online Digital Media

Google project management podcasts to come up with the top podcasts in the field. You can also check out webinars and other digital resources. Many of these are free which is right up our alley!


You can read project management material for credit.

Tip – I use Google alerts to find new project management articles that I use as Projectized show episodes. This is also a way of keeping me current of the latest project management trends



  • Mentee – informal learning – you are an aspiring PMP candidate who is being mentored by a certified PMP
  • Mentor – Share Knowledge – you are mentoring a PMP aspirant

I am a Women of Project Management mentor and one of its private Facebook administrators. I have renewed my PMP certification  under share knowledge category by serving as a mentor in this Facebook group.

I will credit PMI for being forward thinking by accepting online, digital project management and social media offerings.

Work as a Practitioner (Project Manager)

Sweat equity. PMI allows you to earn up to 8 PDUs working as a project manager or on projects.

Content Creation

If you create any type of content advancing the project management profession, you can receive PDUs. I have renewed my PMP using my Projectized project management livestream show and my PM.Project newsletter.

Give Presentation

You can give presentations for credit.

As of this publication, many readers are still under stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic so all of your presentations will be online.

Tip – Check out Meetups. These groups are spearheaded by practitioners. You will have actual project managers in these groups. That is a great way to network for job opportunities.


You can volunteer to organizations. This is also a great way to gain project management experience or sharpen your skills.

Here are 7 FREE ways to save money and your sanity en route to earning or maintaining your PMP.

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