7 Lessons Learned from Passing My Azure Data Fundamentals Exam

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I passed my DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals on Sunday, October 18,2020. Here are the 7 lessons learned from that experience to help you if you decide to pursue it.

Having My AZ-900 Helped A Lot

Passing the Azure Fundamentals certification has given me a solid foundation. I recommend that you pass this first so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Have a Working Knowledge of SQL and Big Data

DP-900 covers SQL, NoSQL and Big Data. Have a working knowledge on this before pursuing this certification.

More Questions Than AZ-900

AZ-900 had 28 questions. DP-900 had 9 questions. This is a big difference you will help develop stamina. There are nearly twice as many questions on DP-900.


There’s Demand for DP-900

Although DP-900 is optional, it is the first certification towards pursuing Azure Big Data and other higher-level certifications. This is good and bad at the same time. The good is that this DP-900 is in demand. The bad part is that now that DP-900 is getting recognition, there are plenty of people coming out of the woodwork creating courses. I have talked about this here.

Microsoft Learn DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals Learning Path

Microsoft Learn free learning path has helped me a whole lot especially the sandbox labs. I have gotten my hands dirty. Having real-world experience will help you on the exam and beyond it.

Equipped Me with More Azure Computing Skills

I have grown so much from obtaining my second Azure certification. I have updated my resume adding the labs, hackathons and challenges section documenting all of my cloud computing lab work. I feel a lot more confident in Azure cloud computing skills.

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Have a Sound Foundation for AI-900 and AZ-104

The DP-900 has laid a solid foundation for my passing my Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) and Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) exams. I have been on the cutting edge of technology which artificial intelligence. Furthermore, I want to have an associate certification in Azure just like I have had with my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

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