Achieving 1100 Pinterest Followers

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I have reached 1100 Pinterest followers this December. Pinterest is a social media platform where you can pin photos and images to boards. The Project Management board is still one of the biggest following along with Inspiration and Fashion. Pinterest is great for business and project management because these two industries rely on infographics and presentations. Moreover, I have achieved this 1100 milestone without restarting Project Management Minute podcast (I have restarted my Project Management Monday Blogtalkradio series). I have mentioned restarting my Soundcloud Project Management Minute podcast in my previous 1000 Pinterest followers article here:

I have not reached 1250 followers (yet) but I am actively on my way through producing high-quality content. Finally, getting 1100 Pinterest followers reinforces my stature as a social media influencer.  Sn.ips Social Media Network has accepted me as a social media influencer (You can read here: ). I highly value this distinction because I am all about great content that educates and improves people.

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