Reports That Site Rank Up 10 Million Spots!

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Phenomena Corporation is happy to announce that Alexa Internet reports its site has moved up over 10 million spots to being ranked 7,000,000! That’s a monumental leap up the ranks especially for a business blogging site.


However, it shouldn’t surprise anyone because the site has already posted a 6-minute, 23-second average site duration. That’s nearly three times Google Analytics’ average of 2-minute, 9-seconds. Brands want to work with Carla R Jenkins because she offers them her astute audience who’ll not only stay on their ads and sponsored posts but will click their product links.Simply put Carla R Jenkins brings her branding partners return on investment (ROI).


Here’s the return on investment working with me?


These are the benefits and the return on investment (ROI) you’ll get working with me. Want to work with me. Book a session here:


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