All Of The Certifications That I’ve Passed In 2021

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2021 has been a transformative year of growth. I have started this year just wanting to pass my AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam and wound up passing that and more. I have also learned about becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer and making my way towards becoming one by passing my Certified Tech Trainer exam.


Below are all of my certifications with a little story behind each.

AZ-104 Azure Administrator AssociateI passed my retake in April 2021. This certification was the gamechanger because so many cloud companies wanted to interview me. It also qualified me to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals – This was my first beta exam. I had a spare free exam voucher and used it towards passing it.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Scrum Master I did not decide to sit for this certification until I interviewed for a project manager position. The interviewer was using both lean management and project management. Knowing both methodologies but never combining the two, I delved deeper and learned that the interviewer was talking about scaled agile. I found an exam prep course and passed it on Memorial Day 2021. Receiving SAFe qualified me for so many more project management opportunities beyond just my PMP and CSM.


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) – I followed up receiving this certification from the same interviewer. She mentioned that due to the pandemic companies merged the business analyst and product owner roles and the scrum master and product owner roles. Now that took me aback because scrum master and product owner were distinctly different roles. I got my CSPO and that extended my CSM expiration date from 2022 to 2023 (a nice little surprise!).

AI-100 Azure AI Engineer – I delayed this one because it was so hard. Also passing my AZ-104 and learning the ropes as a new AWS Community Builder consumed a lot of my energy. However, I passed it 800/1000. Becoming a certified AI Engineer tapped my inner techie because I also had the math and linear algebra background to create models from scratch.

AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate – This was my hardest associate exam by far. AI-100 did not compare to it and that was artificial intelligence. I wanted to challenge myself through the beta once again because I felt that I knew cloud networking (turned out I did because I passed my beta exam!). However, I did notice that I was the only woman who possibly sat for this beta exam so it was pretty cool to pass it. This certification was a second game changer because this was Azure’s first cloud networking only cert so I became a specialist.

Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate 2021 – I used the free Oracle Cloud promotion (which is still going on until February 28, 2022) to recertify my old certification. I always wanted to be multi-cloud so staying Oracle Cloud certified helped me to that end. In addition, it qualified me to interview me for some positions.

CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer – I needed this certification for the instructional skills part to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I taught PMP and ITIL courses plus used my blog to help other professionals pass their AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud certification exams. Passing this CTT+ exam made it official. MCT for 2022 here I come!

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