August 2016 Accomplishments

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09012016 August 2016 Accomplishments


Phenomena has had a groundbreaking August 2016. The Internal Revenue Service has accepted our S Corporation election. In addition, the company has made a presence in LinkedIn ProFinder and filmed some of its online webinar. Below are our company’s August 2016 accomplishments:


  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accepted Phenomena S Corporation
  • Receiving more LinkedIn ProFinder proposals
  • Filmed the Top 40 Project Management Terms online webinar
  • Changed my Periscope username from missphenom to carlarjenkins
  • Social Media Follower Increases in Pinterest, Periscope and Instagram


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accepted Phenomena S Corporation

On August 8th, the IRS accepted Phenomena’s S Corporation election. This was an extremely big move because our company’s ultimate goal is to become a C Corporation with a tradeable stock on the exchange market. You can receive it here:

Receiving more LinkedIn ProFinder Proposals

Our CEO Carla R Jenkins, has been creating YouTube videos promoting our project management and other core competencies. We are receiving remote and DC freelancing opportunities for project management, business, economics and change management. Business proposals are starting to pick up and Phenomena forecasts that it will continue to receive proposals and land some contracts. Visit the LinkedIn ProFinder profile here:

Filmed the Top 40 Project Management Terms Online Webinar

Phenomena is big on providing high quality project management online courses for an affordable option. In August, the company had finished filming the Top 40 Project Management Terms online. This is an introductory project management course teaching people who are new or confused by project management. Right now the course is $97. You can enroll in the course here:

Changed My Periscope Username from Missphenom to Carlarjenkins

CEO Carla R Jenkins has changed her username from missphenom to carlarjenkins. This change creates a more uniform communications strategy. All of her social media handles are Carlarjenkins except for Pinterest. This alignment has resulted in more traction because Carlarjenkins is professional. Here is the Periscope channel:

Social Media Increases in Pinterest, Periscope and Instagram

This month, the company’s CEO social media channels have experienced significant growth. The Pinterest has 857 followers. That is a measurable increase of over 50 followers. In addition, there are over 300 followers on both the Periscope and Instagram channels. Photography is critical towards growing these channels. The company’s goal is to have 900 Pinterest followers and 350 Periscope and Instagram followers. Below are the respective social media followers:




Phenomena will have an even better September. Keep it here at Also keep checking out my shop for Expand Your Personal Brand book and workbook.


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