Author Carla R Jenkins Publishes Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook and Bundle

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Author Carla R Jenkins has published both Expand Your Personal Brand workbook and corresponding ebook/workbook bundle.

Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook

This $5.99 Expand Your Personal Brand workbook contains 40 exercises to solve personal branding problems. It continues the problem-solving theme by solving twice as many as the book’s 20 exercises’ problems. This workbook is for the person who wants to get work expanding his personal brand. These 40 exercises provide the reader with 40 opportunities to accomplish just that. Furthermore, personal branding distinguishes you from your global workplace competition. I use the world global because you cannot think local anymore. Expand Your Personal Brand workbook covers personal branding, time management, career transition, upward mobility and marketing. The $5.99 Expand Your Personal Brand workbook is available two places. Here are the links below:

Expand Your Personal Brand Bundle

The Expand Your Personal Brand bundle is debuted today. This bundle contains both the e-book and the workbook. These two products will give the reader the ultimate tools to solve their personal branding problems. Author Carla R Jenkins has written these Expand Your Personal Brand products to help her audience. The reader should be both off after reading the book and doing all of the exercises. The bundle is available in two places:

Carla R. Jenkins

Carla R Jenkins is a phenomenal expert specializing in business, branding, project management and positive change management. As the CEO of Phenomena Management Consulting, Carla Jenkins is a business visionary and trailblazer who coaches and leads organizations and individuals in addressing their business, economics, branding and project management needs. Furthermore, in 10 years’ work experience, Ms. Jenkins has received 4 promotions in 10 years. She is also the chief blogger for, a positive change management blog, and PM.Expert a project management blog.

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