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Happy Saturday morning everyone! This week I have started attending the Australia and USA trainings. I am very happy to be in the Eastern time zone so usually when it is Australia West morning, it is 5pm or 7pm over here. I am soaking up as much knowledge as possible especially since I have stopping studying AWS due to Azure demand in interviewing. I am getting so many Azure cloud job interviews that I have to (temporarily) stop studying AWS. However, with less than 30 days until the next exam, I must hunker down.


I have done less than stellar results returning back to Tutorials Dojo. I do feel that in between Tutorials Dojo, AWS Skill Builder and ExamPro that I will pass my renewal with flying colors. It is all about being dedicated.

Finally, I have also started forgiving myself more. Look thus far in 2022 I have passed these certification exams:

  • Facebook Digital Marketing Associate
  • SC-200 Security Operations Analyst
  • SC-100 Microsoft Cyberecurity Architect Expert
  • MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

This is a lot of work and a lot of turnaround. Getting my fifth certification in August would be huge! I am going way faster than anyone on the couch so renewing my AWS Solutions Architect Associate 1 year ahead of schedule is a great thing.


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