AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : AWS All Day Every Day!

Hey everybody! I am back with an all-new blog installment. The title is AWS all day every day because I have been attending both the USA and Australia courses. I have started off attending the 7pm  USA Sunday night/ Monday morning in Australia AWS technical trainer courses.


I will admit that this particular Sunday I am finishing up my local community college online summer school homework (my stay current on business trends!). I am just happy to be back towards studying AWS to pass my Solutions Architect Associate renewal certification.

I did attend the Wednesday night (well it was Thursday morning over there in Australia) session. I got most of the Q + A questions right. I did overlook some keywords in some of my wrong answers. This just proved that I needed to slow down and pace myself to ensure that I get as many questions right as possible.

However, I missed this week’s Thursday morning session here in the USA because I was in the middle of an interview. The position dealt with AWS and AWS hybrid cloud with Azure. This showed readers that this program combined with outside work would help you land interviews.

In the meantime, I kept busy reading and watching videos about AWS hybrid architecture ahead of my job interview, getting back to taking practice exams test and check out AWS work on Cloud Academy and AWS Educate.

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