AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Back From My Birthday

Okay everyone! I am officially back in action. I am willing to admit that in between my brother’s birthday and my being under the weather this past weekend, that I totally forgot about Sunday night’s training. However, I have more than made up for it this Thursday.


I walked to the library to print out my ExamPro AWS SAA cheat sheets and then attended this Thursday morning’s cloud office hours to get back into the groove. I am serious about passing my renewal before August 29, 2022. I know that I am fully capable of passing my SAA exam because I have done it before. In addition, I am using this SAA as a stepping stone towards passing my AWS SAP.

Even though I am posting this installment Saturday morning, I will dedicate my entire weekend towards highlighting and writing down all of the definitions and solutions that I do not know plus take the FREE practice exam to see where I rank. I am also going through ExamPro because I need a refresher.

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