AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Back To SAA

Hey there everybody! Another Saturday means another AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA installment.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you readers from my blog to Medium for reading all of these posts. I aim to please and educate. I am very happy that I am doing both.


Now the title reads back to Solutions Architect Associate (SAA). If you’ve been reading my This Week In AWS Community blog series, you would know that I am in the AWS Community Builders. This is a volunteer program sponsored by AWS. It has an application process. I got a free exam voucher for the SAP and got sick so I never took it. So now I ma back to SAA.

During Friday’s workshop we had another Quizizz online game where I placed 6th out of 72 players. That was okay but I felt that I could had done better because at one point I was number 1.

Later last night I restarted studying the Tutorials Dojo SAA topic-based practice exams. I passed my IAM (identity and access management) practice exam. Saturday I am taking 3-4 more topic-based exams and restarting my full practice exams. My goal is to pass my AWS exam by the June 23, 2022 AWS She Builds graduation because it would only be appropriate.


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