AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Got My Voucher!

THIS JUST IN: My free AWS SAA voucher just came in at 7:20am EDT! This post rolls out at 8am EDT! Below is the full process towards my getting it!


I have submitted my voucher request last Sunday night. I have scored 59/65 on my second SAA practice exam and immediately I screen capture my laptop and email it to AWS She Builds. If you’ve been reading this blog series’ last installment (which of course you have!), you would know that my goal is to get over 80% practice exam score and email AWS She Builds. I have done just that because I am all about action!


There is a lag in between the processing and receipt of the free exam voucher. During that in between time, I have attended the AWS She Builds webinars and workshops, taken the official practice exam on the AWS Skill Builder and completed the rest of the Tutorials Dojo domain practice exams and full practice exams. Yes, even though I am technically in the exam phase, I am still participating in the program just like GCP Jumpstart.

I am learning from AWS Technical Trainers. I myself have passed the CTT+ exam so I am watching my peers. I also get to learn more about the new AWS services plus different functions. These sessions are improving my practice exams. When I receive my exam voucher, I will be ready. Right now I am okay with the reality that by the time that I receive my free exam voucher that I can scheduled my SAA renewal certification the same evening.

Once I pass my SAA, I continue with Solutions Architect Professional (SAP).

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