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Happy Saturday! This is my first AWS She Builds post for the New Year! It comes because someone has read my AWS She Builds articles on Medium and contacted me about speaking to their AWS User Group. I am amazed at how much value you see in my old AWS She Builds CloudUp posts. I write them because I want to give you insider knowledge about how these programs work to help you get AWS certified.


Content Creates Opportunities


There is a teachable lesson here: content creates opportunities. I want you to think about that for a moment. Just look at the Internet for a minute. Do any search and most of the first page are populated with blog posts. These are writers writing about a topic. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is no different.

I have been writing about AWS She Builds since April 2022 so there are a lot of links and search results. You can also read my entire AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA (Solutions Architect Associate) series here on

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You can read the AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA blog series here

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