AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Lessons In Career Advancement

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This week has been all about career advancement. This Tuesday we had a technical account manager (TAM) panel.

I am a senior-level IT and cloud professional so hearing from the TAM is big. The TAM is not an entry-level position. I am happy when the moderator says that you cannot become a senior TAM at AWS unless you have IT experience. This is music to my ears because that means that I don’t have to start from scratch. It is also nice that they’re providing the Tech U for junior-level positions and Enterprise Support link for the more senior-level positions.

I have learned about the TAM while interviewing for the Azure Cloud Engineer position. I learn that the TAM is a tech level below the Cloud Engineer. I don’t have to know as much Python but I can still be in tech which is great (I still love being a cloud engineer but I am all about options here!).  Hearing from AWS TAM is insightful and I am glad that AWS She Builds has put this on.


I originally registered for the April 2022 TAM event thinking that it was the CloudUp Solutions Architect training program. AWS She Builds kindly moved me to the April 27, 2022 SAA program where I am currently enrolled.


Plot Twist….

Last issue I talked about getting my Solutions Architect Associate free exam voucher. Well, I later learned that my AWS Community Builders Solutions Architect Professional free exam voucher expired May 31, 2022. I booked my exam for Tuesday night.

I was happy that I actively participated in AWS She Builds and working my way through Solutions Architect Associate so I would know all of the services. Now I would be the first to admit that those long questions and complex answers were kicking my butt but I was happy to keep going and scored over 80% to receive my free voucher last week Saturday morning.

Now I have to pull it together for that Solutions Architect Professional. I do have some renewed motivation which is a great thing. As always I will keep you posted!

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