AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Let’s Do It Again

Okay so I have switched over from the April cohort to the June cohort and I am literally starting over again. This week I have had the same inaugural AWS office hours talking all of the beginner type of stuff. This banter motivates me to pass my AWS Solutions Architect Associate so that I can roll to the Solutions Architect Professional certification. My goal is to pass my SAA this month for 2 reasons: 1) it is time and 2) the current edition SAA-C02 will retire August 29, 2022. I mean am going to have to do something.



I am still attending all of the meetings and helping other women’s while in the USA eastern time zone. I do like helping other women realize their goals. I know what is it like to struggle with cloud concepts. I was in the same place 3 years ago while taking my Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County AWS training courses. My Powershell knowledge was the ONLY thing keeping me up!

What I will also say is that I am not going to be as distracted (full disclosure: I had several big 3 cloud provider interviews over May and June. It is not necessarily a distraction because you study for these certs to work at these companies but my energy and attention aren’t devoted towards SAA.). I do feel like attending these trainings and using my exam prep training subscriptions will help me pass my SAA.

Shameless Plug: If you’ve been reading you would know that I am also in the AWS Community Builders Program on the machine learning track. Well. The program’s application window is open in between now and July 17, 2022.

AWS Community Builders is sponsored by AWS too just like AWS She Builds CloudUp. If you have AWS certifications and actively create AWS-related content then AWS Community Builders just might be for you. When I applied for the program in March 2021 I had 2 AWS certifications, 3 Azure certifications and 1 Oracle Cloud certification. Apply now!

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