AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Managing The Console

This Thursday morning/afternoon there is an AWS Management Console workshop. I think that it was great to go through all of the main services and ways of accessing AWS (management console [portal], CLI, REST API, SDK). As a system administrator, it is essential to know more than one way of doing things especially when things get wonky (which they always do. When you work on anything for a long period of time (be it AWS Management Console or CLI} it is bound to freeze so you must switch over to another way.).

Live From The AWS Networking Lab Breakout Room


I have selected the networking breakout room because 1) I am Azure network certification and 2) I need to beef up my AWS networking ahead of my passing my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam.



Ha! The AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA lab exercises derive from AWS Educate. The networking lab is found in Introduction to Cloud 101. I am glad that I have already set AWS Educate thing up. I have gone through all 30+ steps in the networking lab only for the system to say that I need to click the start lab button to submit my work.


But The Submit Button Did Not To Seem To Want To Work…


The person in the webinar tells the class that you should go back and click the start lab button when you are halfway through the entire lab. We should have learned about that first. I have ended my lab. Just messy. However, I am very proud of being the only person who has completed her lab in the 45-minute allotted time.

So I leave the breakout room to the main Zoom room where I will ask my question. AWS-Helen (She is very helpful here!) tells me to try and see if I can do it again. I redo that lab a second time and the submit button (finally!) works (This is JUST like I have said earlier in this blog post. Compute systems will always get wonky on you!)!

Redoing The Lab Again


My total grade is 40/45. The system does not give me 45/45 because I have to rename the instance App Server 1 because my old App Server instance from the first lab is showing in a terminated state. Well, at least I know.


Opinion – I am happy to be the only person to have finished the entire lab within the 45-minute timeframe. This is important because when you’re on a job, you need to be fast acting. You need to be able to spin up instances and create whole app environments at least within 1 hour. Being able to finish and score 40/45 on the AWS networking lab means that I can competently work anywhere!

Post-Script – Once the breakout rooms end, we return to the main room. AWS Helen and the rest of the AWS She Builds staff are there. Helen mentions advanced lab access for the next 48 hours. I ask what is that and someone drops the link in the chat. It is from the original AWS Immersion Day screen. Okay. I am happy that I have created a new AWS account because the old EventBridge has does not work anymore. While in there I create the Administrator IAM user separate from the root user.

But Wait There’s More

                Later Thursday night there was the AWS technical trainer exam prep session. Now usually it would be held Friday. It was 2 hours reviewing domains 1 and 2. I was happy to get most of the questions right. I attributed that to Tutorials Dojo and reading the documentation. That meant that I was ready.

I will keep you posted!

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