AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Missing The Memo


Okay everyone! It has finally hit me that I am not receiving the Slack notifications from the June 2022 thread. I think that it is because I have been accepted in the April 2022 program.

Also I have noticed that the organization has switched the Australia and American dates. During the summer they had the American training on Thursday and the Australian training on Wednesday; but, now it is flipped. Combine the flipping with the AWS technical trainers taking vacation and for me it is a whole mess.

However, I must come clean and tell you that this past 1 ½ weeks I focused on Azure because my vouchers was expiring. Now I did not pass that exam (658/700 so I will retake it); but, that also meant not meeting the SAA-C02 retirement deadline.

My focus will be on passing my Solutions Architect Professional (SAP) before the November 14, 2022 deadline and becoming an AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA mentor. I truly want to push the organization to add the SAP because an SAA is not enough for career advancement. The Associate certification is just the basics. I want women to excel and getting the SAP will help so many of them accomplish this.

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