AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : New Free And Discounted AWS Resources

Happy Friday everybody! This week’s installment has some GREAT AWS advancement opportunities. I am featuring an AWS scholarship and a discounted exam voucher opportunity!



Udacity Opens Its 2023 AI/ML Scholarship Program


Udacity opens its 2023 AI/ML scholarship program. In between now and May 31, 2023, apply to receive the scholarship. This scholarship is 3 phases:

  1. Enroll in AI DeepRacer Program
  2. 2,000 students selected from phase 1 will continue
  3. 500 students from phase 2 with the highest assessment scores would receive a second Udacity Nanodegree program.


Register For AWS Certified Professional Challenge To Receive 50% Off Discounted Exam Voucher


I know that a lot of your are alumnae of the AWS She Builds program and you probably already are Solutions Architect Associate certified. If you are studying to pass your Solutions Architect Professional or your DevOps Engineer Professional certifications, AWS is offering you a chance to get a 50% off discounted exam voucher! This challenge is similar to last year’s AWS Certified Specialty Challenge (If you’ve received a discounted exam voucher, you have until March 31, 2023 to use it.).

Register here in between now and April 27, 2023, to receive free AWS Twitch channel training. This is a great opportunity to learn from certified AWS trainers and have your questions answered live. Furthermore, AWS professional exams cost $300. After that 50% off discounted exam voucher, it will be $150.

Finally, if you’re a longtime reader, you would know that receiving a free exam voucher is an AWS Community Builder program perk. So for those of you who are not currently in the program, this AWS Certified Professional Challenge offers you an opportunity to receive a discounted voucher.

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