AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA: No Days Off

This is the third week (I believe) that the AWS technical trainers have been off. However, I am still grinding to beat the August 29, 2022 deadline. I have purchased two more practice exams, done 2 more AWS Educate labs and have made my way through the ExamPro online course.


I am determined to renew my SAA cert whether or not these trainers have unlimited PTO (As someone in the Northern Hemisphere where it is summer, I find it weird that it is winter down there in Australia but they’ve been on break; especially, with the SAA-C02 expiration date fast approaching).

Starting off this week, I have purchased 2 new practice exams and started going through them. I am proud that as this Saturday morning, I have completed 5 full practice exams, The official AWS Skill Builder practice exam. 2 AWS Educate labs and written down all of the ExamPro product definitions.

I have also typed my own practice exams to remember the definitions. I am all about retaining my knowledge. So far it has been working. I started 28/65 on Monday and received 50/65 on Friday. That is a +22 point difference.

Even though I was under the weather for 2 days during midweek, when my health rebounded I went back to ExamPro. This weekend I will continue going through ExamPro and do the AWS Skills Builder. I do feel like I can pass the SAA-C02 by September 29, 2022.

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