AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Playing The Game To Win

This week has been all about reaping the benefits of continually studying and using AWS. Recruiters are starting to take notice which is a great thing. I only seeing these things heat up.


The other thing heating up are my AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA peers reading and liking my AWS She Builds blog series. It is available on and Medium  I truly appreciate all the love because I have always used my blog to teach and help others.

I have been receiving emails from other women in either the Certified Cloud Practitioner or the Solutions Architect Associate programs about AWS, certification and the SAA program. I like answering their questions because I want them to win. I am not withholding knowledge because life is hard enough. I don’t want them making the same mistakes that I have made. This is why I’ve called this latest installment: each one, teach one.

Also the new AWS She Builds enrollment cycle is open right now. June 30, 2022 is the start date but you should register NOW because seats fill up!


How It Started

The AWS technical trainer started off yesterday’s workshop with the Quizizz game. I ranked 6th which was okay but because I was competitive and missed 1 question (that I got back in redemption). However, at least I was retaining the information.


knowledge and training paying off. I wanted you to understand that the combination of documenting my AWS learning journey with this blog series and This Week IN AWS Community blog series  that recruiters were taking note. That was why I encouraged you to learn in public because you never knew who may had been watching.

Returning back to Friday’s workshop, The trainer covered API Gateway and the value of AWS certification. I was happy that she moved beyond the major AWS services (EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDC, etc.) and went into other newer, more important services. AP I Gateway would be on the exam.

How It Ended

She ended the workshop with a second Quizizz game. This time I ranked 7th. Yes, I was sdisappointed at sliding back ONE spot. However, I also knew that with the start of the weekend being tomorrow at least I had a chance to catch up on exam prep.

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