AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Ready for My Renewal

Hey everybody! I am back!

Just before the ball dropped on the New Year, AWS sent me my Solutions Architect Associate and Cloud Practitioner certification renewal email reminder.


This made it real for me

like I had 6 months to do something. If you been reading either this blog series of the This Week In AWS Community blog series you’d know that I tried twice last year to sit for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional but did not manage to do it.



I need to maintain my AWS certifications for competitive employment purposes so I am hunkering down and doing it right now. AWS is still the market leader for cloud computing. Maintaining my two AWS certifications will keep my current competitive advantage


But I Want More


I want more than just the AWS Solutions Architect Associate. I want the AWS Solutions Architect Professional which will renew both AWS certifications. This increases my determination to get my SAP along with my AWS security specialty and AWS machine learning specialty certifications. Now I am on a mission!


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