AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Sign Up For the February 2023 Cohort

There is a new AWS She Builds CloudUp Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) cohort starting February 21, 2023. With this being 3 weeks out, I want to notify all of my female readers about this new cohort. You can click here to register.



I have been writing about my AWS She Builds CloudUp experience in this blog series. I want you to get an insider look in the program.

This program is sorely needed because there are not too many women in cloud computing. Moreover, this program is connected to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market leader in cloud so you’ll be learning the service that most businesses use.

I also feel that if you want to get into cloud computing AWS should be your starting point. AWS has the most services. The Certified Cloud Practitioner is all about cloud basics and remembering services. Once you master that, learning any other cloud is easier.

So sign up for the upcoming February 2023 AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA cohort now.

Missed any issues? Click here to read the entire AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA series.



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