AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : This Is NOT A Game!

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After receiving such great feedback from Twitter (and LinkedIn) regarding my AWS She Builds video , I have decided to create a series. This is the first installment.

Backstory: I initially enrolled in this AWS She Builds CloudUp TAM (Technical Account Manager) but later learned that this was the wrong event so I was enrolled in the current CloudUp Solutions Architect Associate program – so here I am.


If you’ve been reading my prior posts on (and I know you have!) then you would know that this program started April 27, 2022. It is also originated in Australia.. I am in Eastern Standard Time so the hours can get weird; but, luckily the Thursday workshop is at 11:30am EDT and today’s 2-hour webinar starts at 5pm EDT (That is 7am Saturday Australia West time).

This Friday we had a 2-hour training going over the basics (EC2, RDS (relational database service) and S3. She also discussed AWS skills builder for free training. We did get breaks on the hour which was nice. Finally, she had one of those online quiz games. I did score over 10,000 points and gotten a 73% on the first try. Not bad when this whole week was dedicated towards passing the Microsoft SC-100 cybersecurity architect beta exam and my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate renewal.



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