AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : We Global

Okay if you have been reading the blog series as of late, you would know that an AWS User Group in Central America has reached out to me via Facebook Messenger for a speaking opportunity. Someone has read one of my AWS Medium articles. We global (in my DJ Khaled voice!)



I am very proud that this series has landed me a speaking opportunity! This just shows that content creates opportunities. I also love learning in public and sharing my knowledge with all of you. If you’re a woman who is interested in learning more about Amazon Web Services (AWS) then check out AWS She Builds CloudUp. There are two tracks: Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate.

AWS Is Hosting January 23, 2023 Cloud Practitioner Essentials

Speaking of Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS is running a free AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Day January 23, 2023. This free webinar should also prepare you for the Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. AWS does not do a lot of free things so please take advantage of it before it fills to capacity.

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