AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Which Way Is Up

I am typing this on Friday instead of the normal Saturday morning when it comes out. Usually we have a weekly AWS technical training session but there is no Slack channel mention because the company 9maybe) onboarding another cohort.


This is interesting because I have never experienced this before. However, IF this is true I am thinking that the organization is trying to get as many women SAA certified before the August 29, 2022 AWS SAA-C02 retirement date. I mean you do have 6 weeks and the organization does not accept voucher request for the first three weeks.

I am still studying to pass my certification this week (well, I have restarted because I have been so busy interviewing for AWS jobs. A great byproduct of dedicating myself towards learning AWS since April 2022). I am passing this before August 1, 2022. I know that I am capable of it.

A whole lot of things (more positive than negative) has been happening right now; however, my goal is to pass this and then the AWS Solutions Architect Professional (Warning: that exam will tax your brain! When I studied for that in May 2022 I had to rest my brain and not looking at SAP study material for at least 2 business days!).

Another note: the AWS Solutions Architect Professional (SAP-C01) retires November 14, 2022. My goal is to get both SAA and SAP before their respective retirement dates.

All wasn’t bad this week. The Slack channel did provide me with a blog post link leading to both free Google Cloud Platform _ Coursera promotion and Salesforce certification. So something great came from all of this.

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