AZ-500 Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 3 Recap

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During this session, the instructor covers private link and private endpoint. These two features overlap with AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate so I am able to follow along. He also has done some labs and examples in class versus dedicating class time towards labs. Doing these examples during class is better because we can ask questions and not be solely reliant on the homework chat sessions. Or if we do have additional questions, we would at least have a basic understanding of what these Azure security features are.



I have also saved the moderator’s Microsoft Learn documentation links. Documentation is central towards learning so much more about Azure. Yes, the training is important because reading about how say Private Link and Private Endpoint are used in other settings are equally important. I will give you an example: the way to connect a private endpoint using the Azure Portal is different than Powershell. As an Azure Security Engineer, you would have to know the difference.

I do feel that with day 3 (we have two more days) that the training is starting to pick up. Also personally I will be significantly less busy so I may roll over to the labs and complete a couple of them.


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