AZ-500 Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 5 Recap

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Today was exam prep recap day and I initially thought that it would go just like the SC-400 one. The instructor ran though all of the material. Then he had the class play a game. And I am like ‘Lord, this is the end of 20 hours of Microsoft training. I don’t NEED to play NO games. Just do the recap training and get me out of here!’


So here I am with this Klaxtoon AZ-500 exam prep game going through these four stops. Each stop had questions aligned to its particular skills measured.

I managed to score 560 points which was (at the time) 10th place. I did think that I could had scored more had I gone with my gut on a couple of them (each question was worth 20 points). However, I was happy that I completed the game and that the training was over.


What’s Next?

Working my way through the labs and using my December 2021 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge to pass my AZ-500 exam.


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

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