AZ-700 Exam Resources That I’m Using To Pass My Beta Exam

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As you know, I am sitting for the Microsoft AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam. Here are the resources that I am using (thus far). This is not an exhaustive list. You can also check out my AZ-700 Exam Prep YouTube playlist too if video is more your thing.


Microsoft AZ-700 Beta Exam Page

Here’s the official page. It also contains a learning path.

This is actually the first course that I’ve taken once I scheduled my AZ-700. Time Warner is an impressive teacher. This 8-hour course split into 2 4-hour lectures, covers all of the AZ-700 exam measured. He’s very adept and knowledgeable about Azure networking. He also screenshares Azure documentation and does demos.

Scott Duffy AZ-700 Udemy Course

As of right now (August 2021), Scott’s is the only AZ-700 Udemy course. His course is 6 hours and covers networking from scratch. He also covers the four different types of load balancers (load balancers, app gateway, front door and traffic manager). This is a very good course to check out. 

John Savill AZ-700 3-Hour Exam Cram

Here is Savill’s AZ-700 exam cram video. I have used his videos to pass so many Azure exams. I highly recommend this video too.

Whizlabs Courses That May Overlap AZ-700

As of August 2021, Whizlabs does not have an official exam prep course or practice exam. However, Whizlabs does have some courses that may overlap with the AZ-700 beta exam.

Here are the recommended exam pages for 104, 303 and 500

AZ-104 –

AZ-303 –

AZ-500 –

You can also check out my AZ-700 YouTube playlist for the video version of AZ-700 beta exam resources

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