On Becoming a Medium Member

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Last Friday I decided to become a Medium member. I researched this decision because Medium membership was a very different program from the free model. I wanted to know what I would be giving up in exchange for premium membership. I felt that there was always a catch. In my case, I used Medium as a republishing platform. After posting on my blog, I imported the link onto Medium for wider visibility. That strategy net me a 2016 top 10% contributor nod.

Yet membership was a whole different ballgame because up until now Medium was free. Would I have to give up my publishing rights to Medium (I seriously doubt that especially how I used the platform). Therefore, Medium promising to pay me for what I wrote was a win-win which was why I joined. The membership invitation was very low but I still took time to evaluate the deal on all angles because it was a business proposition that needed to be review.

I promised to keep everyone updated about my Medium membership and what’s next for this platform. In the meantime, I was always obliged if you follow me at: https://medium.com/@carlarjenkins

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