Being an ITIL 4 Mentor

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It is one thing to learn something. It is quite another to pay it forward and teach someone else how to do it. I received my ITIL March 31, 2019. In less than 1 week, I help a person pass his ITIL 4 exam. In less than one week I have gone from ITIL 4 certified to ITIL 4 mentor.


There is a very big difference between a certificate holder and a mentor. It is one thing to teach yourself how to pass the ITIL 4 exam. It is quite another to help someone else pass it. This means that you have mastery of this subject.

This is not the first time that I have become a mentor. Late last year I became a project management mentor after renewing my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification a second time. I believed that I accumulated enough experience to guide other PMP aspirants.


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    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks. I love helping people. Certification takes time, effort and money. I just want to help along the way.

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