AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Back From My Birthday

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Okay everyone! I am officially back in action. I am willing to admit that in between my brother’s birthday and my being under the weather this past weekend, that I totally forgot about Sunday night’s training. However, I have more … Continued

Eighteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Career Counseling

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  After a brief reprieve, the Google Cloud Jumpstart session recap is BACK! Today I’ve had my career counseling session with the program manager. This Monday she replied to my email about scheduling a time to discuss my interest in … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Taking A Break

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I must admit that fresh off of finishing my Udacity AWS machine learning nanodegree program that I have not really done anything this week. In between my being under the weather and my birthday this past Tuesday, I have not done … Continued

AWS She Builds Cloudup SAA : Summer Vacation

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For at least the past 2 weeks there has not been any official trainings. I guess that in Australia the staff is on vacation. Well, here in the US, I am still going through ExamPro and watching new AWS YouTube … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Completing My Udacity AWS Machine Learning Nanodegree

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  This is a big day here in this weekly blog series: I have completed my Udacity AWS machine learning specialty nanodegree program. This has helped me better learn AWS machine learning but also Git (version control), Python (programming) and … Continued

PMI Has Created A New Construction Certification

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  PMI has created a BRAND-NEW project management news. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has just released its new construction certification. Formally titled Construction In Built In Projects, this certification is for those in the construction industry.. The CPBEP consists … Continued

Morning Magnet: August 2022

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  Happy August! If you’ve been reading you would know that my birthday is this month. I cannot wait to celebrate it.   Big things will also be happening over here on the site. Expect even more IT, cloud … Continued

Top 5 July 2022 Accomplishments

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July has been a transformative month over here at I have received my first expert-level cloud certification; but, that’s not all.   Here are the top 5 July 2022 accomplishments. Passed My SC-100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert Beta Exam … Continued

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