Expand Your Personal Brand Book Release

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 29, 2016 EXPAND YOUR BRAND FOR ZERO DOLLARS 20 Lessons learned from trial and error to being a 6-figure earner   Carla R. Jenkins’ latest book, Expand Your Personal Brand, compiles 20 valuable lessons the … Continued

Positive Change with Carla : PMBOK 6.3 Sequence Activities

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  Monday, April 25, 2016- On today’s Project Management Mondays episode, hostess Carla Jenkins will review Project Management Body of Knowledge’s (PMBOK) 6.3 Sequence Activities. This process ‘identifies and documents relationships among the project activities. Click here to listen live … Continued

Phenomena LLC Announces Creation of Carla R Jenkins Facebook Public Figure Page

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  For the original press release click here: https://www.prlog.org/12552432-phenomena-llc-announces-creation-of-carla-jenkins-facebook-public-figure-page.html Phenomena LLC, world-renown management consulting company, is announcing the creation of its founder’s Carla Jenkins’ official Facebook Fan Page. Ms. Jenkins is a 10-year business veteran in public and private sectors … Continued

Positive Change with Carla : Are You Busy or Productive?

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  In today’s all-new Positive Change episode, Carla Jenkins will discuss 5 differences between busy and productive people. These are: Productive people don’t care if people are looking. Busy people do things to put on airs. Productive people only put … Continued

Positive Change with Carla : PMBOK 6.1 Plan Schedule Management and PMBOK 6.2 Define Activities

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  On this all-new episode of Project Management Mondays, Carla Jenkins will cover the Project Management Body of Knowledge processes 6.1 and 6.2. Chapter 6 is the time management knowledge area. The project schedule is very important towards project success. … Continued

Positive Change with Carla : Three Steps to Planning for Interruptions

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  On Thursday, April 7, 2016, Carla Jenkins will be broadcasting an all-new Positive Change Radio episode ‘Three Steps for Planning for Interruptions.’ Workplace interruptions are going to happen. In this episode, I will discuss the three steps for planning … Continued

Positive Change with Carla : Project Baselines and Life Cycles

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  Sunday, April 3, 2016- This Project Management Mondays episode will cover project baselines and types of life cycles. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) lists three baselines: cost, schedule and scope. PMBOK lists three types of life cycles. … Continued

First Quarter 2016 Accomplishments

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  Friday, April 1, 2016 – Phenomena LLC is highlighting its first quarter 2016 accomplishments. Phenomena LLC is the conglomerate managing the Carla R. Jenkins, PositivityChange, PM.Expert and Positive Change Radio. Here are our accomplishments: DC Regulatory Affairs approving Phenomena LLC’s … Continued

Branding Announcement : Phenomena LLC

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  Friday, April 1, 2016 – I am happy to announce the formation of Phenomena LLC. This professional service company is headquartered in Washington, DC. Phenomena LLC will produce high-quality professional products and services. The company’s areas of expertise are: … Continued

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