Twenty-Eighth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: GCP Certified Preferred

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In between Monday’s GCP mentoring session and today, a GCP recruiter reached out to me regarding my resume on Wednesday. I applied for a GCP position 2 weeks after formally receiving my GCP Cloud Digital Leader email and badge. I … Continued

Twenty-Seventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Just Another Status Report

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  I had my GCP Jumpstart mentoring session this past Monday. I admitted that it was disappointed because there was no real movement happening. I would also admit that I just came off a long illness so I did not … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : AWS ReInvent Is Here

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  Amazon Web Services (AWS) ReInvent conference is happening right now. Even if you are not able to physically attend, you can still register to watch for free here.   FYI – AWS is still hosting its AWS Certified Specialty … Continued

SBA Has A COVID EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan for Borrowers

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  If you are COVID EIDL (economic injury disaster loan) recipient who is falling on hard times, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has created a hardship accommodation plan to help you out if you qualify. The plan lets you reduce … Continued

Celebrating My 15th Twitter Anniversary

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  I am very happy to have celebrated my 15th Twitter Anniversary November 19, 2022. Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary — Carlarjenkins (@carlarjenkins) November 19, 2022   Also you can subscribe to my weekly … Continued

I am YouTube Famous!

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I am completely blindsided (in a good way!). Out of nowhere IT YouTuber Zach Hill drops a video on LinkedIn tag me and several other people.     I never thought that I would get a YouTube shoutout yet here … Continued

Twenty-Sixth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: Informational Interview

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This blog post is a continuation of the 25th GCP session recap because I am conducting an informational interview with the GCP cloud engineer who works at my mentor’s company. FYI – Informational interviews ARE NOT job interviews. Please don’t … Continued

The Complete Google Cloud Jumpstart Journey From Application To Mentoring Program

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Since I’ve celebrated my 25th Google Cloud Jumpstart session recap post, I have noticed a lot of new people reading my blog series. First, thank you! Second, I want to give you the whole timeline from application process to onboarding … Continued

Twenty-Fifth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: 25 Posts In

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Here we are. 25 GCP posts in. This is an impressive milestone. However, I am very happy that you’ve entrusted me to tell me Google Cloud journey along the way. I am grateful that you are reading my posts and … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Solutions Architect Associate Voucher

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  Hey everyone. Normally this blog series focuses on machine learning and Solutions Architect Professional but this blog post will highlight the 15% off discounted Solutions Architect Associate exam voucher promotion. I know that many of you who read my … Continued

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