Capitalizing upon the Remaining 1/3 of 2015: Do Something!

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Although 2/3 of 2015 is gone, 1/3 of 2015 is left. You can still accomplish a whole lot within this period. There are 4 months to go.  The good part is that with 4 months left, you can divide your tasks into quarters. September is the 1st quarter. October is the 2nd quarter. November is the 3rd quarter. December 4th quarter. Prioritize your must have tasks by quarters. Next, fast-track and accelerate mandatory tasks during the 1st quarter (September) by doing more than one task at the same time. Fast-tracking would increase risks which is why you would develop a contingency plan to handle any potential bottlenecks. Monitor the fast-track items’ progress with biweekly reporting to determine if you need to reallocate your resources. Finally, create a monitoring schedule for October through December to complete the fast-track tasks before the end of this year. Following these steps will ensure that you can still complete your mandatory tasks in the final third of the year.

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