Carla R Jenkins Has Reached 100,000 Periscope Hearts

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I am extremely happy to have received 100,000 Periscope hearts. The reasons for my surpassing my extended 2016 goal are due to high content and specific niches. Also I have received great support from Dawniel Winningham’s Pass the Cast and the PeriGirls Facebook group. Regarding content, my three primary foci have been eBay, LinkedIn Profinder and my blog. Viewers know what they are looking for when they tune into my channel. You have to be strategic because it helps your content.

  • My LinkedIn Profinder scopes have increased Phenomena’s receiving more proposals.
  • Focusing on my blog is the reason why Carla R Jenkins website has a 5 minute 12 seconds average site duration.
  • I have sold over $4000 on eBay.

Receiving 100,000 Periscope hearts have reinforced my position as a social media influencer. In 2017, I am looking forward towards creating more high quality content, receiving 1,000,000 hearts and becoming a VIP.

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