Carla R Jenkins Receiving Medium’s 2016 Top Ten Readers and Writers Honors

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Read the original press release here:

This is a totally unexpected honor that Medium has bestowed in my inbox. Out of nowhere, Medium informs me that I am one of its top ten readers and writers for this year! I am extremely grateful because all I ever want to do with my blogs are to communicate and share ideas, concepts and knowledge. That’s the gist of everything. Regarding my blog, I want to share my company’s current events. With, I want to communicate the change management industry and how to implement positive change in your life. Finally, with PM.Expert, I want to share my project management expertise to save you time, money and frustration. I have sprinkled in some eBay Adventures from my site detailing my reseller journey for good measure. I guess that doing all of this sharing and storytelling have endeared me to so many people!

Medium has kept stats on my performance (because I am not keeping count):

  • Published 319 stories
  • 3,965 people read my stories
  • 74 people followers my account
  • I recommended 29 stories.

And, I was just happy that people read my articles and I got 225 followers yesterday (read here:  ). I feel quite tingly and beaming with pride that I am in the top ten. This is an achievement when Medium is filled with social media influencers, politicos (the White House published regularly) and New York Times bestselling authors. Achieving this top ten Medium honor reinforces my status of a social media influencer!

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