2019 Year in Review

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 has seen its best year ever in 2019! There have been so many highs that it is hard to whittle all of them down to 2; but, alas, I have. Here are the top 2 accomplishments:

250,000 Alexa Internet Majestic Million

As a solo business blogger, getting into the Majestic Million (Alexa Internet top 1 million websites) is great. However, getting under 250,000 global ranking is even better! I would love to thank all of my blog readers, video watchers and email subscribers for getting me to this new blog record. I have started in 2015 and now 4 ½ years later, I have a top blog site.


Creating The Week Ahead, Midweek Review and Week in Review Blog Series

I have created these three series after seeing one of my Perigirls Heart Tribes members do a Midweek scope. Immediately the wheels start churning and I start the week ahead (first called week in advance), midweek review and week in review.

I am amazed at how many people love it. I guess you love the consistency and the series. I have learned that people come to the site when they know what to expect. They are at least going to get 3 weekly posts.

Initially I felt like I was cheating my audience because these three series would take away from my other announcement; yet, they did not. I checked my Alexa Internet and Google Analytics. These Week Ahead, Midweek Review and Week Review series kept afloat. Moreover, my Medium, Facebook and YouTube audiences liked them too.


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