Alexa Internet Global Site Ranking Dips Under 150K

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Even more good news: one the heels of scoring 1000 pageviews midway through January 2022, now its Alexa Internet global site ranking dips under 150K.

As a solo blogger, this is major because Alexa Internet ranks the top 20 million websites. It calls its top 1 million websites the Majestic Million. So coming in under 150,000 is a big deal!


I attribute my success towards content and consistency in blogging and achievements. Case in point: I wrote the 2022 certification list post. It is January 20, 2022 and I passed my Facebook Digital Marketing Associate exam . Also this week I completed my Scrum At Scale exam prep training and attended my first Google Cloud Jumpstart Program and CISSP trainings. These three certifications were all listed in the article. When I delivered on my promise, readers deemed me credible. They could trust my word and actions. I fully expected to pass every certification on my list.

Blogging consistency was another reason for the increased readership. I posted at least 3 times a week. IT, cloud computing and project management were fast-moving industries. documented all of these changes in real-time.

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