Alexa Ranking Soars to 4 Million!

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In less than one week, , has soared over 1.3 million spots to 4 million [4,059,159 to be exact!] (The Alexa previous site ranking was 5.2 million)! I am truly. grateful to have such supportive readers. This massive increase is mainly attributed to my upcoming Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 2pm EST Managing Risks for Project Managers webinar. This is my first webinar partnership with a company. I have been promoting it before my site’s reboot. However, it is big to have a company behind me. That’s additional traffic.

This partnership growth is the tip of the iceberg because there will be more partnerships in the very near future. There are some very big things in store for I am closing out the fourth quarter with very big blogging and business moves.

Outside of my upcoming Managing Risks for Project Managers webinar, my readership has increased due to my AdweekChat, FlipBizChat, Content Writing Chat and Winnie Sun Twitter chat participation. These are four prominent Twitter. I have been featured four times on the Content Writing Chat, in the Winnie Sun Tweet Hall of Fame and have won the FlipBizChat sweepstakes. All of these Twitter chats have increased my Alexa site ranks.

Future Alexa Goal: Getting to 3 Million!

I am already at 4,059,159 so I am on the cusp of shattering 3.9 million. I am actively preparing my site for the webinar traffic by creating subject-related content and products. In addition, I am also creating a new email opt-in and challenge to increase interest and maintain momentum.

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