Alexa Site Rating Has Moved Up 4.5 Million Spots

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 has moved up over 4.5 million spots on Alexa site ranking! I am grateful to all of my readers! I attribute these factors to my site moving up over 4 million spots:

  • Expand Your Personal Brand book and workbook sale – both items are on sale for $1.99 apiece (prices can change without notice). This sale has generated increased interest and sales
  • Spring Cleaning Series – 5 of my articles have received over 1000 page views.
  • The about me videos – I have produced seven new about me videos highlighting my newly acquired skills
  • The video quality – I have improved my scripts and lighting resulting in more views and opportunities. In addition, I have improved my editing skills.
  • Video distribution – I have learned that Twitter accepts YouTube MP4 over Facebook Live MP4 so I have downloaded my YouTube videos and uploaded them onto Twitter. Also I have uploaded my videos onto Instagram receiving HR recruiters reaching out to me.
  • Posting to more link-up parties – I have found a couple new blog link-up parties which have generated increased views and comments. is open to partnering with brands and companies to bring their social media, branding, marketing and project management. Visit to reach out to me.

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